3 Jun 2022

The Houndrace Team is excited to announce the launch of our Alpha on Rinkeby testnet, along with test hound NFTs given for community members to immerse in the game and help us with feedback on the racing and breeding features of Houndrace.

We have been working hard building our blockchain game, and will be granting access to initial participants soon today. Every active member of our Discord server will receive some unique test hound NFTs and test Ether for testing the breeding and racing features. Please note that these are test NFTs so you will not be able to buy or sell any of them.

This Houndrace launch is deployed on the Rinkeby Test Network.

Rinkeby is an Ethereum test network that allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on Mainnet, the main Ethereum network.

As we steam ahead towards the production release, we feel that being as transparent as 

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