Causes of Insomnia

13 Sept 2022

I previously talked about what insomnia is and the various symptoms of insomnia. I will address some other facts regarding insomnia in my article today.

Causes of Insomnia
To be able to understand or treat insomnia, we have to understand what may be the possible causes may be. Insomnia has many causes, but they are somewhat elusive and difficult to pinpoint because the condition involves a complex interplay of the mind-body connection, medical history, environmental factors, and outside influence.

  • Poor sleep habits, such as using screens right before bed
  • Stress, in general, and also in response to specific life events
  • Use of alcohol, caffeine, and/or nicotine
  • Emotional issues, such as grief, anger, loneliness, and worry
  • Excess use of electronic devices
  • Irregular sleep habits and/or schedule
  • Medications, including prescription and recreational drugs
  • Neurological disorders
  • Ongoing health problems, including obesity, diabetes, breathing issues (such as allergies and asthma), and cardiovascular disease


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