27 Jan 2023

That feeling when you open both eyes and start staring at the ceiling thinking of things you could accomplish and how your day would be like.
Thoughts going through your mind, should I give up?
Should I keep fighting?
What if it's not worth it?

It's not easy that is all your mind can say. But when you think about the family. No one would fight for you, no one will get you food, clothes and support.
You just have to take a deep breath and let it all out slowly and then get your mind ready for the fight of the day.

Finally you're up!
Start thinking of how to bath, wash and even what to eat
The you go again you're seated on your bed ,here comes another phase of thinking.
You just know that's you have to survive because if you don't?
Only the ones who love you will miss you.
That's what have to make you start fighting the day called TODAY

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