I'm tired

8 Feb 2023

I have seen a whole lot
Things could suddenly change within seconds
Been thinking about how I would survive
My mind can't even rest from certain trauma. I have been through a whole lot for the past few months.

Well I know bulb is a promised project with all the chaos going on. I thank God for a wonderful friend by name Jatt. I don't really know how it would have been without him. He had got my back at anytime. Well I don't have any thing to say currently.
I have thought it would have ended a long time ago well I will still survive no matter how bad it get. Life hasn't really been fair but I thank God all the same. I am so torn apart, I hope I can get myself together. I know with his help everyone will be fine.

I'm not FINE!! 💔

In November I was robbed and same thing happened yesterday

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