Long distance relationships and trust-issues

15 Nov 2022

Here is the big question
Is your relationship a long distance?
Are you having trust issues in your relationship?

Well, this piece may be of help to you, just read through and learn a few things to help you tackle long distance relationships.

In most cases, people start having issues when they are far apart from their partners for a pretty long time, so it kind of ends up with a linear equation that the longer the partner stays apart, the greater the insecurities. Trust plays a major role in every healthy relationship and as such we must try as much as we can to trust our long distance partner. In a case whereby we don't trust our long distance partner, then we need to address it and figure out a reason why that is.

What leads to the build up of trust issues? This can be caused by a partner continuously thinking about what His/Her long distance partner is up to, whereas, if in a long distance relationship, one is to pay attention to one's life and focus on growing and being better.

In some cases of a long distance relationship, the partners tend to not share every details of their daily lives to their partners which to some may be a turn-off, but these things are totally normal and should not be considered as a big deal. 

But sometimes, partners seem to feel they are not free enough to express themselves in the relationship in an open manner, which can start breeding some thoughts in one's mind. Note that an unresolved heartache can ruin a great relationship.

How to deal with trust issues in a relationship?

One of the best approach to tackling trust issues is by being open to your partner, try honesty and open mindedness. Having doubts is totally very normal especially in long distance relationships, but then, one must know that in times of doubt, talk to your partner about it rather than bottle it up.
Having doubts and not sharing them with your partner gradually grows into distrust etc. But once we are able to open up, we get a big relief and we get back on our relationship track.
We can adopt reassurance as a way to keep our trust in check, constant reassurance goes a long way to help tackle doubts and trust issues.


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