21 May 2022

OpenSea is a largest NFT marketplace on Ethereum , polygon and Solana blockchain. Anyone can buy and sell their NFTs here. you can create and explore NFTs here and respective amount of fees will be needed in respective blockchain.

You can see and visit some of the notable drops in their homepages.

You will have your own personal profile pages where all NFTs of your will be shown there including created , collected and so on . There will be offer received and offer made sections also available in profile pages.
The listing of all NFTs will be possible from your wallet.

Top NFTs collection as of now are, These represents mostly traded NFTs in the  opensea Market place.
Some other advantages of using Opensea are: 

  1. Many of the tokes do airdrops to the users of Oensea based on their trading platfrom.
  2. fully decentralized.
  3. Fast transaction.

By the way most of the airdrops given to Opensea users are for Eth blockchain users . 

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