A Quick "Glance" or Addiction?

9 Feb 2024

April 6, 2021|Latest News and Updates
Reading news on the lock-screen won't hurt, right? And, those fun facts that show up every now and then. Oh! They are hilarious.
Everything is fun and games until you realize that you have spent hours on what is supposed to be a "lock screen"!
A report released by Glance, the world's largest "screen-zero" platform, revealed how India is hooked to lock-screen content.
Glance became a unicorn in 2020 after raising funds from Google (which surely has an eye for upcoming trends!).
On average, a person spends 25 mins (a 200% increase from last year) every day on lock screen content. Even if you have succeeded in resisting the charm to open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, chances are that Glance would have trapped you!
Out of 70 times that people unlock their phone in a day, 50 times is to consume lock screen content! The nature of content consumed is even more interesting...
Weekdays are full of serious content such as news, business, health and fitness, while weekends are full of entertaining content. The trend is not just limited to videos or news consumption. Polls and gaming are major hits on a locked screen!
There has been a 26% increase in time spent on playing games and 30% of gamers spend 25+ mins daily playing games. And, who doesn't love a good cricket or Bollywood poll? "SRK or Big B, who is the real Don?" has been on the top 5 poll question list of 2020. No kidding! 
But, why is this data relevant?
Because those targeting content at us are not leaving any stones unturned to draw our attention. Many of us have become aware of the time we spend in mindless scrolling and are trying our best to curb it. But this lock-screen application is trying its best to break our resolve.
Time is money and its proper allocation is even more important than financial planning.
Marketeers leave no stones unturned to monetise our changed behavioural patterns.
But, is it a reason to cheer or a reason to fear and make amends?
You decide.
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