Cardano Isn't Dead!

25 May 2022

In 2022, Cardano (ADA) struggled, and more recently, Cardano (ADA) suffered in the crypto-crash.

Investors may flee as a result of this. However, several indicators indicate that ADA's future is brighter than previously thought.

With $27 million in NFT sales last month, why is Cardano not included on sites where projects with less than $10,000 worth of NFT sales are?

The curious question is presented in a recent tweet from Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson.

The $27 million in NFT sales number is more interesting than speculating on an explanation.

According to recent NFT sales volume, Cardano isn't among the top blockchains. But if it continues to generate $27 million in NFT sales, it should theoretically be in the top five.

Certainly, NFTs are a hot-button issue. Cardano needs to keep as much of the market as possible under its hands.

It's been a rough year in 2022. Everything, even Cardano, can be summed up in one remark.

Overall, Cardano's price declines with little to no reversal in sight. It has dropped from $1.33 to 51 cents due to this procedure.

Knowing when the market will hit rock bottom is a notoriously tough task. This is a point at which Cardano may or may not have arrived. On the other hand, most forecasts imply much room for improvement.

Gov Capital predicts Cardano's price to be $1.96 a year. DigitalCoinPrice estimates that Cardano's average 2022 price will be 67 cents.

According to other forecasters, the average price prediction for Cardano in one year is about $1.50.

Cardano's value is low at the moment.

Charles Hoskinson, one of the company's founders, has even speculated that the crypto industry may already be in decline.

With its empiricism-based growth route, Cardano is still a sensible option among cryptos. Establish or enlarge any jobs now, if possible.

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