The $9 Cryptocurrency Profit Stacker Matrix

13 Apr 2024

The $9 Cryptocurrency Profit Stacker Matrix

In today’s blog, we will be discussing a unique opportunity to generate ongoing profits with just a one-time investment of $9. This opportunity is based on the $9 Profit Stacker Matrix developed by We will delve into the specifics of how this matrix works, its benefits, and various earning scenarios. Whether you are new to the platform or an existing member, this blog will provide you with valuable insights on how to maximize your earnings through this innovative system.

The $9 Profit Stacker Matrix is a 1×3 matrix, meaning it is one level deep and three levels across. To access this matrix, simply log into your members area on the Crypto Team Build platform and navigate to the “Purchase $9 Profit Stacker” section. If you already have one position in the matrix, you cannot purchase another, but you will receive a re-entry for free once you cycle through all four levels.
Each level of the matrix has a corresponding cost: $9 for level one, $18 for level two, $36 for level three, and $72 for level four. However, you only need to pay the $9 fee once, and you will continue to stack profits indefinitely. As you progress through the levels, the number of advertising credits you receive increases. This includes banner ads, login ads, and text ad credits for each level completed.

Cryptocurrency Earning Potential

When you complete level one of the matrix, consisting of three positions, you will automatically be upgraded to level two without any additional charge. This upgrade occurs as soon as two more people complete their positions in level one. The same process repeats for level two, moving you up to level three, and ultimately level four.

Throughout this process, you earn both advertising credits and monetary commissions. As each level completes, you receive advertising credits for banner ads, text ads, and login ads. The number of credits increases with each level, ensuring a continuous supply for your advertising needs. Additionally, you earn a commission for every completed position in the matrix, with the potential to earn even more through pass-up commissions.

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Passive Income Potential

By paying the $9 fee and positioning yourself in the matrix, you open the door to passive income opportunities. As your referrals progress through the matrix, you earn commissions and pass-up commissions. These earnings accumulate every time a cycle is completed, providing a constant stream of passive income.
Let’s explore the potential earnings in different scenarios. If you sponsor three people and they each cycle through the matrix ten times, you could earn $310 in net profit. As you sponsor more individuals and they go through multiple cycles, your earnings increase exponentially. For instance, with 100 people in your downline, you could earn $3,100 in net profit every time they go through a cycle.

To make the most of this passive income opportunity, it is recommended to keep your 1×3 team force matrix positions open. This ensures that you continue to earn commissions as your referrals progress through the levels. By maintaining an open position, you maximize your earnings and secure a consistent flow of passive income.

Company Forced vs. Team Forced

It is important to understand the distinction between company forced and team forced matrices within the Crypto Team Build platform. In a company forced matrix, all members collectively contribute to filling the matrix positions, ensuring movement and progression for everyone. On the other hand, a team forced matrix relies on the productivity of your direct referrals or team members to fill positions.
In the profit stacker matrix, the team forced aspect comes into play when your referrals complete their positions and earn their way into the team force matrix. You earn commissions as their referrals fill their matrix, and the cycle continues as more positions are completed. By maintaining an open position in the team force matrix, you continue to earn pass-up commissions and contribute to the collective progress of the platform.


The $9 Profit Stacker Matrix offers an exciting opportunity to generate ongoing profits in the cryptocurrency industry. With just a one-time investment of $9, you can continuously stack profits and earn passive income as your referrals progress through the matrix. By understanding the earning potential and maintaining open positions in the team force matrix, you can maximize your earnings and create a sustainable source of income.
It is essential to stay active and engaged with the platform, familiarize yourself with its features and training videos, and take advantage of the advertising credits provided at each level. As more members join and participate in the profit stacker matrix, the potential for earnings will continue to grow.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to leverage cryptocurrency and create a profitable investment. Get yourself positioned today and start stacking profits forever with just $9!

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