Fear and success

27 May 2023

Fear controls every thing we should first think fear is just small one we can do any thing then only we can overcome Fear in life so its a small example
Life is changing, things are changing. Events are changing People are changing, Change is an integral part of life but recently an incident in my life changed the pace of my life. The environment we were in, the people around me, contributed to my growth. After completing his school life, Nagna's name appeared in the admission list of famous educational institutions. But an institution of my choice was not there which made me feel disappointed and also made me doubt my strength. I started looking for excuses, whatever optimism I had was gone. My dreams were shattered and life became impossible. For several days my mind began to wander and I started to feel bad about myself. At the same time, I was convinced that I had not used all my strength, and the fear of failure was the root cause. Since then I have vowed to use all the strength I have to face the problem. Everything started to change with this decision. Now I am not posing any tip. There is no hindsight, no regrets. Today I have many dreams to fulfill, not mine. There are goals to reach. There are ends to overcome, there is a way forward. There are many battles to be won. Beyond all these there is life to live and enjoy. Fear is the reason. So get rid of it, kill it before it destroys you,

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