27 Jan 2023

cSwap is a hybrid DEX that integrates both orderbook and AMM liquidity pools to become the principal liquidity source for the Comdex ecosystem and bring cross-chain markets and limit orders to DeFi, where traders and arbitrageurs can implement sophisticated trading strategies to trade their assets.
cSwap was built with inspiration from the work of the Crescent Hub team, with functionalities tweaked to meet the needs of cSwap by utilizing a hybrid model based on order book and AMM-based exchange.

Benefits of cSwap
cSwap allows users to swap assets through pairs in liquidity pools while maintaining greater control of price in a capital-efficient manner.

cSwap will provide users with the functionality of an order book system where users can place limit or market orders while also allowing users to purchase or sell an asset at the best possible price rather than at a set exchange rate offered by the system.

  1. High performance: cSwap is built on the Comdex protocol, which was created for trading at a high rate of speed. Users can trade swiftly and effectively with low latency.
  2. Low fees: Because of its low trading fees, cSwap is more user-accessible and cost-effective.
  3. Security: Users can trade their tokens with confidence on cSwap since it employs smart contracts that have undergone auditing and has a strong security system.
  4. Accessibility: Users can easily conduct transactions with cSwap from any location and on any device with an internet connection.
  5. Liquidity pool: cSwap enables users to add liquidity to pools and earn from their trading commissions, which can be a passive income source.

The AMM and order book system combination makes cSwap a hybrid dex and go to Platform for traders and arbitrageurs to implement sophisticated trading strategies.

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