The poem of fear pt2

6 Jan 2023

But fire, it warms and destroys
It burns and refines
Oh fire, set my world alight beside her
And in an instant, it was gone
Releasing the monster within
Oh Frankenstein's monster, fed on fear and doubt all along
Wrinkled skin barely covering his veins, black lips, black hair, and yellow eyes
The yellow eyes that met hers and shared his warmth, knowing only the cold
He promised to keep her warm
She let him in, every wall and crevice, every dark room or so he thought
He walked with her in the dark, lighting her lamps
Oh monster, clumsy monster
How could you let the  wax grace her skin
Screams extinguish the light, the room he had made his home in hers
Cold once again calls to him
This time he doesn't answer, the machine squeals and the wheels stop
Back he goes, but it's so cold and frozen
His light gone, darkness his only companion
Back to her he goes, to light himself up
But she's gone
Ice and fire, flames gone
No light to keep warm, just darkness and panic
Feeding on it, he destroys the machine, trying to force it to work
And there she is, death, who knows him and adores him
That evening, she visits and he denies her
Her prize, so she sends her child, fear, to visit every night and feed the monster
Now doubt has given in to fear
And death visits every full moon, promising a new machine above and fire below

On that evening, he goes searching for her light and leaves with the cold vacuum
Asking his kind to show him the way to her palace, at least somewhere he recognizes
He breaks, the machine and the monster
Wandering the hills, wondering which edge will put him to sleep, the blade or the cliff
Offering himself up
But a little boy asks where he's going
I don't know, he says, truly he doesn't know
Fear, doubt, and death are always on time, but so is fire
He awakens to dream again

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