Participate in airdrop from BounceBi

12 Mar 2024

Last chance to participate in airdrop from BounceBit - first $BTC restaking chain🚨
Act fast – Mainnet will be launched as early as APRIL
Read the secret condition for virtually 100% likelihood of receiving an airdrop 🔥
Cost: $0
Reward: $5,000+

$BB Faucet.
➢ Join BounceBit Discord:
❍ Verify
❍ Go to the "testnet-faucet" channel.
❍ Send a message "!bb " in chat.

Access to the club
➢ Go to the specified website:
❍ Scroll down the page
❍ Connect your wallet.
❍ Connect your Twitter.
❍ Click the "Start" button

➢ Go to:
❍ Click on the BitSwap tab.
❍ Exchange part of your $BB for any other tokens.

➢ Click this link:
❍ Click on "BitSwap".
❍ Select "Liquidity."
❍ Add liquidity with BB and the token you bought in the previous step.

Stake BB
➢ Go to:
❍ Connect your MetaMask wallet.
❍ Stake $BB tokens.
❍ Withdraw a part of the tokens you have previously staked after some time.
P.S. this is done in order to increase the number of transactions.

Increase the chances of airdrop
❍ Open your wallet.
❍ Make 5-10 transactions between your Metamask accounts to have more on-chain activity.

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