Know your self worth

3 Dec 2022

Never surrender, they say.
Never yield.
Continue to fight that battle so the devil doesn't prevail.
One thing you must always keep in mind is that tomorrow will never be the same despite the anguish, the pain, the sadness, and the embarrassment.

Hold on to your goals and dreams, since they are not as bad as you think.
Therefore, to everyone who feels as though they are losing the battle and to everyone who believes that there is no hope in sight,
Take a moment to observe the sky and keep in mind that something bigger than you and I exists outside.

The sun will shine once more just like it did today.
The sun still shines through the clouds and rain, and the darkness will eventually disappear.

Therefore, be proud and enjoy the warmth.
Take in every breath; it can serve as a reminder of your true worth.
And when it does, don't forget it.


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