My New Project: EnsuingCrusaders

21 May 2023

How's it going guys? Today I want to write about my latest art project titled EnsuingCrusaders. This is a unique, non - generative, animated collection of illustrations featuring captivating artwork inspired by science fiction & futuristic influences. 

I started creating the artwork for this collection roughly 8 months ago. When I started working on the artwork I knew that I was going for a futuristic vibe, and I wanted to create robots and human AI synthetics with this collection. Then I figured, why refine myself so much after a few days of creating mostly robot design's. I decided as long as it fits into a category as vague as science fiction, it belongs in this collection. That is why I am having so much fun creating the art for this. When I am working on DapperUndeadSquad, I can be creative, but the underlying image I keep recreating is a zombie, with this collection I can create anything, which makes it easy for me to work on this long term without getting bored. A lot of people have asked me over the past year why I work on so many different projects at once, assuming that It would make this harder on me, when in reality, it keeps me creative. I never want art to feel like a job with a deadline, it would totally stifle my creativity & I would eventually lose interest. By always having more than one project to resume work on I never get bored & I never lose my inspiration. I couldn't create thousands of pieces of artwork all based on one principle idea or sketch. I suppose it makes sense for artists creating generative work with AI as no real time goes into making the art, but that wouldn't feel fun to me either. Anyways, off topic lol

With this collection I have so far created 55 1:1 pieces of artwork & I am currently working on the animations for each piece. I have created 5 up to this point and I am hoping I can complete the animations for the first 55 NFTs by July. Might take me longer though, a lot of work goes into each of these. Something new I am doing with this collection is creating physical unlockable content for a % of the NFTs in this collection. I have already created physical prints for the first 55 NFTs and I will be signing the back of each one and shipping them out their future owner's. Physical work stands the test of time, even though this isn't a unique, or necessarily new digital form of utility, it's a reliable utility that will stand the test of time with this collection. 

I have no idea how many pieces of art I will create for EnsuingCrusaders nor do I have ideas when I will stop working on it, perhaps I never will 🤷‍♂️ All I know is that this collection is my favorite to work on, I take my time with it, and i want this work to resonate with art collector's and sci-fi lovers around the world. These will be priced fairly high, as it is taking me so much time to produce each NFT (illustration, physical copy, animation) but they will be worth it for those who truly appreciate the art and see value in what I'm doing. Much like DapperUndeadSquad, when some sales happen, I will create a discord server for holders of the project. From there I can start working on the framework for future utility based on community proposals, and we can discuss what would be best for the future of all EnsuingCrusaders holders.

In my opinion too many creators go about this the wrong way. I will never promise something to my support system that I cannot without fail deliver upon. For this reason I don't like roadmaps, and you won't find me hyping up a discord server, doing giveaways on Twitter, ya know, selling my shit like it's a dead horse and paying people to buy my work, I'm not about it, and I won't do it. When money has been raised, and there is a living breathing community, we work together to make the project something more than just a vision and we all determine what that vision is. I'm not doing this the cut and dry, mathematical way that many other creators have chosen. Art isn't mathematical, and building a community doesn't have to be either. 

Anyways, this is where I'm gonna stop writing, go have some dinner and relax for the evening. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Below I'm going to drop some of my affiliate links & the links to my socials & marketplaces. Have a good day 😎✌️✅

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