A consolation to the victims of the recent heavy attack on Solana Blockchain

8 Aug 2022

This month opened up with a heart breaking news of some Solana wallets being hacked. Some of these Wallets include slope and trust wallet. Who would have ever believed non custodial wallets can be hacked even when the holder of the wallet hasn't in any way exposed his or her seed phrase or private keys?

The unthinkable keeps happening in this industry and it's not funny anymore. It seems a lot of people are losing interest in the industry due to fear of losing their hard earned money. Which investors will want to risk his capital?

It is obvious that a whole lot of victims will never recover from the attack but then, the deed has been done and the only option is to pick up the pieces and build new bricks. Beyond the market trend is the need to strengthen the security of our wallets to build more trust.

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1 Comment

The whole situation is really scary . I believe it can be fixed hopefully .