Alcohol is not good for our health

14 May 2023

Although we have been seeing the ill effects of alcohol for years, this temple is not banished from our society. On the contrary, it is invading our society more and more under various forms day by day and its crocodile grip is getting tighter and tighter. This liquor has been infused since ancient times. The Gods stole the nectar by feeding the Asuras with Sura. Despite achieving Sanjivani Mantra, Shukracharya, the Guru of Daityas, could not win the Daityas over the Gods because of this liquor. The noble and valiant family of Yadavas was destroyed because of alcohol. Even in history, this liquor has shown its charms from time to time. It was because of alcohol that the brave Sambhaji Raje fell into the hands of the enemy. Liquor gained prestige under the rule of the British. Rulers in cold countries, hence the habit of alcohol and we slave subjects only imitated them. Lokmanya Tilak had informed his people to stay away from this addiction only then. Mahatmaji made many efforts for prohibition of alcohol. They also staged protests at liquor shops with the help of volunteers. However, this addiction is very widespread in our society.

Today, poor people drink alcohol to ease the pain, to forget the pain and then because it is a habit. Further, this addiction increases to such an extent that the person among them is lost; Then after starving the wives and children, even beating them on occasion, they drink alcohol. Due to this alcohol they get many diseases and ailments. A person addicted to addiction loses his conscience. He just wants to drink. Then he does not think about what we are drinking. Then sometimes people die or go blind due to the poisonous liquid mixed with it. However, the eyes of drunkards do not open. Sometimes drunk driving leads to major accidents. This is the story of the uneducated, the workers; But drinking has become a fashion among the self-styled elite; It has become a sign of prestige. These 'wet bowls' are organized for some reason or the other. Alcohol consumption is considered essential in important meetings. Another class is those who believe that it is their sanad to drink alcohol. This class is the class of artists. Some great singers, great actors make friends with alcohol and lead to untimely death of themselves and their loved ones. Such is the liquor. The tyrannical poison that destroys truth. But as Sudhakar says in Gadkari's Echka Pyaala', one thing is for sure that we can stay away from this addiction only if we keep a single cup of alcohol away before approaching it, otherwise, once this alcohol comes to us, it is very difficult to get rid of it. Even in today's twenty-first century, a Bhasmasura has survived a lot. The name of this bhasmasura is corruption! Nowadays, a new 'financial scam' is being announced every day in the newspapers. Bank scams, stamp scams, printing of fake notes... one or more of these scams are well-known now. The Leela of this modern Bhasmasura is more formidable than the Bhasmasura of Puranic times. Today it is seen in every sphere of life. This is behind the rising inflation. It creates artificial scarcity of anything. If there is scarcity of jobs, there is free scope for corruption. Positions of power are obtained by paying bribes of lakhs of rupees and once the position of power is obtained, bribes are accepted to recover the money paid as bribes. This is a vicious cycle. It has created 'black money'. With the power of science, many comforts and luxuries have become easily available in personal life. Everyone wants them. No one is willing to work hard to earn money for that. Most people want easy money. Corruption is born out of this desire for chauvinism. Once money is everything, anything is done to get it.

Food and medicine are also adulterated. Innocent lives are lost due to drug adulteration. The conscience of those who commit corruption has been destroyed. Bribes are taken for admission from kindergarten to school and college. Exam papers are cracked by taking bribes and exam marks are changed only by taking bribes. Defense secrets of the country are given to foreign powers for personal gain. Smuggling trade flourishes. The drug trade that destroys the new generation is booming. If this scourge of corruption is not killed in time, it will not stop destroying India. The youth of today should uproot the roots of corruption in the society and lay the foundation of a clean life. Baba had 'received an award and there was a felicitation ceremony for Baba, so grandmother had come from the village. She was going back today. We were urging her to stay here. But she was not ready at all. Aji said, "Oh Nandu, I have a lot of work to do there. Look, you will have a vacation in October, then come there. Oh, you will help me." Grandma understood me and stepped out of the house. We kept watching.. Grandmother has crossed the age of seventy-five; But the grandmother is not bent at all. To tell the truth, there has been no change in grandma's physical condition in the last few years. The grandparents have been living in that village for the past twenty years. When grandfather died four years ago, I thought that grandmother would come to our house in the city now; But on the contrary today it has become more involved in the village itself. My grandparents were idealists from the beginning. Despite the excellent quality, they never followed the money; Both of them continued to work in Karmaveer Bhaurao's Rayat Shikshan Sanstha throughout their lives. After retiring from the institute, he continued to work in Saswane village. All 'Nishkam Karma Yoga! It is true that a worker never lacks work! - Grandparents were always surrounded by people. No more grandfather. But grandmother alone solves all the problems of the village. She has become the 'big mother' of the entire village.

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