Team Harmony and Cohesion

20 Sept 2022

A team is a collection of people or individuals who are in a cooperative,independent relationship (verbal, physical, emotional interaction) with one another. In other words a team is constituted when two or more people willingly come together in agreement based as some interaction ands norms
Indeed, each members influences the other and the same events influenced all members.Hence members have certain expectations regarding how they behave towards themselves or situations they find themselves.
it is worth noticing that individuals in a team appreciate the existence of the team and their membership in it. Individual belong to many group or teams at a given time and assumes various positions in a team which have peculiar roles ,attitudes, beliefs and expectations attached to them every team also has a structure differentiation of roles and role relationships with a team with the team structure with entails specific channels of communication, conduct, hierarchy of status and role relationship.
Besides a team has a goal or purpose towards which he strives through every member of a team which have a specific channel for d communication only those in leadership positions have the decision making authority.


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