How Users Are Rewarded on BULB

31 Jul 2022

How we reward users on Bulb

At BULB our philosophy is to reward users fairly for the effort they put into their articles and their engagement with other members of the community. 

Our dynamic reward system encompasses this ideology and it’s important to ensure that the way in which BULB points are distributed to users is transparent. Users are rewarded BULB Tokens based on the points they accumulate every week.

To understand how BULB tokens are distributed based on the points refer to this article.

All actions on BULB require energy, to learn more about energy click here.

🖊 Writing Posts

Posts provide users with the largest opportunity to accumulate BULB points. Great articles are the bedrock of BULB’s community so we want to continue to encourage quality posting from community members!

✔ Create Quality Content

Putting effort into a post that engages the community will help attribute more BULB points. Content length, spelling/grammar and similarity to other content on the platform are all taken into consideration when determining points allocation.

‼ Don't Plagiarise…Ever

For obvious reasons, plagiarism isn’t tolerated on BULB. If you are caught plagiarising by community moderators you stand to lose BULB Energy and your hard earned BULB points. Moderators on BULB will review articles and our system also flags any copied posts from other platforms (if we have flagged you incorrectly, please let us know!)

‼ Take Time Between Posting

If you have a lot of articles written up, release them at a steady pace! If you are a team of writers, have everyone create an account and post from there. We don’t want you to be mistaken for someone aiming to game the system to earn points.

💬 Making Comments

Comments are the second largest opportunity for a user to earn points. BULB wouldn’t be much fun if all you could do was post right?

✔ Make Genuine Comments

Similar to posts, putting effort into a comment that is related to the post or generates discussion is a great form of engagement and will be rewarded with higher points.

‼ Don't Plagiarise and Avoid Spam!

Avoid spamming comments (so you aren’t flagged as a bot 🤖 and put yourself at risk of losing your valuable energy and points)

👍 Reading and Reacting

You can also gain points from reacting to comments and posts or simply just reading! Showing support for the work for others is what it’s all about 🙌.

🥁 Finally, Good Behaviour is Rewarded

For better or worse, we build a track record of users behaviour on the platform. Being an authentic user on BULB makes it a platform that keeps on giving. So keep up all the great work!
For more detailed information, please check out the FAQ!

Write to Earn. Read to Earn.

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I have a question... If the article I posted here is originally written by myself but has been posted to another platform such as medium. Will that count as plagiarized content?
I am still getting to grips with the energy thing. It's very much like the concepts underpinning the Hive Blockchain social apps in that ecosystem. I tend to be a short sharp bursts kind of person with social media so it'll be interesting to see how I can adapt to this. Might be the best thing that happened to me ;)
Thanks team!!
Thanks for the great explanation. What a fantastic community it is on BULB and reinforcement and updates like this are so valuable. 🙏 thanks
Wow interesting reward program I like bulb app💓
thank you so much. nice information