When you recover

12 Jan 2023

What will you do once you're well again?

Will you still be you after you recover?

When you get over everything you've gone through, will you be new and stronger?

Can things ever get better than they are now?

Will you achieve your goals and raise your grade?

Will people still remember you or, out of shame, will they forget you?

The way of life throughout recovery could change.

In this brand-new game, the guidelines may have altered.

You can put the pieces back together and start over, and your strength and optimism prevent you from crumbling.

The environment appears to have altered and changed on you.

Things that were once within reach now appear to be beyond your control, yet you can reclaim your life and realize the dreams that were put on hold when you fell ill.

The road to recovery is a hard one, but those who succeed are incredibly resilient.

Since despair can be fatal, you have prevailed.

You have survived because of your desire to recover.

What will you do now that you are well again?

You struggled, overcame, and completed it.

Coming out of the pitch-black abyss of hopelessness

It's time to move on and start caring.

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