When love goes sour

9 Nov 2022

Every morning when I glimpse your face, for a split second, I'm somewhere else.
A location where we conversed, laughed, and grinned,
Every day I am reminded that this was a place where we could walk hand in hand.
Then the sleep disappears, and all is destroyed.

I suddenly become aware that I am alone.
I have to quickly check my phone to see whether you've called or texted me.
Then it hurts more since what follows is an empty screen with your smiling face and this desolate setting.

As all of my hopes fade away, I shrivel up within, and the fire in my heart intensifies.
I consider you when I recline in bed and consider what I can do to help.
Every time I try to get through, I get rejected. You now have to make the choice.

Leave me here in the rain and the cold, leaving me to swallow back the tears and the sorrow, missing you always, and loving you in my own way.
All of this will one day seem like a dream, my darling.
I simply hope that in our peaceful space, we may dream it together.

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