And death lost

1 Nov 2022

When death comes, fear smells,
Oh, you, like an unexpected visitor,
My heart melts;bones break!
When I saw the sorrow beacon,
I was forced to say no.

I cried all day for help.
In a loud voice I said to death,
"Could it be really later?"
But my cry was so, so late,
Because all time was spent and done!

I turned and saw myself lying;
One who was once alive.
I wept my eyes out, my tongue sour.
But all these to no avail;it had come,
On a day I least expected, Death!

Could this really be true?
The large dark space that stood before me,
This was my everyday prayer, all day long!
A visit to the place, most High;
But sadly, for now, the scourge of death hits!

When all had failed, the light came on!
I called on Jesus Christ, the one I really trusted.
I said, " Lord help me", He did in all His love,
Hours later and Death lost the battle.
I held the hands of my Lord to everlasting bliss!

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