Love Life (EP3)

9 Jul 2022

It was on her birthday eve, we discussed about how her birthday was going to be. We had plans of meeting and throwing a little celebration.
On that day, I happily baked her a chocolate cake and I gave it my best, trust me the cake was awesome. My friend and I went to a grocery store and we bought wine and some other stuff. At this point I had to call her to find out where she was so we could meet up.
Unfortunately, she went to another town to visit another guy, not minding our arrangements. 
So sad right. That was how I felt so disappointed and stupid at the same time. The day ended and she returned very late and that was how our little party didn’t happen.It was clear that what I wished for was never going to happen but I kept having hope.

It was on January the following year, I had to open up to her and tell her the plans I had for both of us. I told her I would love to end up with her and I wanted to start working towards it from that point. 
I got the the biggest relationship heartbreak of my life. She told me not to be hopeful about anything between us. She told me she was never going to end up with someone in her age grade. I am two years older than her. It was just an excuse to justify the denial and the excuse was not just enough.

At this point I realized that someone I have been having affection for in the past  eight years probably didn’t feel the same way as I did. Not ruling out the fact that she cared about me but the feeling was not just mutual enough…
But it is a journey of life, you’ve just got to move on and expect the next thing that comes your way……

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