How to Prepare for The Upcoming Bull Run

7 Nov 2023

With a big news that Binance will list Ordinals $ORDI with Seed Tag applied, most of the crypto communities cheer and are filled with joy. Some of them do believe the next wave of crypto bull run is upcoming. Affected by this, $ORDI is pumping from $7.5 up to $10 at a high increases of 40%. How to identify a high potential valued project then establish a sustainable passive income, which is most investors' wish, so is mine. This article will show you how to prepare for the upcoming bull run.

Habit of reading crypto news:

Keep up a habit of reading news every day, especially in crypto industry, it's necessary to gain new information, ensure your knowledge of crypto is up to date. In crypto industry, new complex concepts, technical terms, economic model and even tokenomics are created, and then to be improved, to be explored, to be studied, to be applicated in products. If you don't gather information by reading crypto news or communicating with crypto researchers or experts, you will definitely fall behind.

Then become normal, just like a man who never meet crypto. Just like many crypto practitioners or investors who never read The Bitcoin Bible or the Ethereum White Paper but they say they are crypto enthusiasts. How dare they say that! This industry doesn’t need chaos, fanaticism, or pretense, it just needs sincerity, effort, forge ahead, study and win-win, which should be what we are pursuing, for all of us, including researchers, investors, developers, enthusiasts, etc.


Patience is the key to earn in crypto. Like a cheetah hunting, except speed, you also need patience. As some one says, "You've lost money not because you are not smart enough, but on the contrary because you are too smart and impatient". All to often, Patience is the first lesson that a beginner is faced with the investment. So you need to make a plan of investment, and next follow your own pace no matter what you've listened, watched and considered, don't doubt your original decision, don't change your original path, otherwise, you may end up regretting the temporary decision that will cost you more than you gain.

Keep learning and researching:

This point is the vital of the investment. No one can deny a fact that one's wealth is related to his or her intelligent and effort. So you must keep learning and researching. To learn widely, to think deeply, to research systematically. Only by doing this, you can ensure that your judgements and decisions of investment are correct. Don't worry, don't be fomo, don't be anxiety, just to follow your own pace, and insisting on doing the right things on the road to investment.

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As we anticipate the next bull run, it's crucial to stay informed and be ready for the crypto market's twists and turns. Knowledge is the key to success in this exciting journey.