Things we do for LOVE

14 Oct 2022

Love is the affection and tenderness you feel towards a person or loved one. It is quite intriguing how you begin to adjust your lifestyle and choices to accommodate the people who own your heart without even realizing it.

For instance, they like their meat soft so when they are around, you make a conscious effort to cook the meat extra soft. They prefer to sleep with lights off, so you always turn off the lights even when they forget to do so.
They enjoy eating pizza, so you already have close contact with the pizza delivery guy.
You know the kind of movies they like, and you make sure those movies are always available for their viewing pleasure. I could go on and on.

A certain thing about love is that it seeks to serve and please at all times. Love makes room, love accommodates, and love protects.
The best part is now that they are just as committed to taking care of you in return.

You should be wary of people who don't ever seem willing to do anything for you in return, yet claim to you. Yes, love loves putting the other person first from time to time, but the beauty is reciprocated. That way nobody feels cheated.

However, when you find that you're the only person constantly making compromises, and concessions, at the expense of your well-being. hmm... Actions they say, speak louder than words.


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