Bad health. These 5 signals appear in the palm of your hand

9 Feb 2023

The human body is a very magical existence. Once health problems occur, people will always be warned in various ways. For example, the hand is a very important part of observing the health of the body.

By observing the changes in the hands, many potential health problems can be judged so that people can respond in time.

1. Yellow palms

The center of the palm corresponds to the stomach of the human body. A normal palm should be white and red , but if you find that your palm is yellow , you must pay attention to it. This is likely to be a problem with your spleen and stomach!

If the spleen and stomach are not good, it will naturally affect the body's ability to digest and absorb, and it will also be manifested through the skin.

People with yellow palms can usually eat more yellow foods , such as millet, pumpkin, etc. These foods can nourish the spleen. Also insist on eating breakfast , so as not to induce stomach disease.

2. Red palms

The palm of the hand is normally light pink. If the color is reddish, attention should be paid to it. This may be a problem with liver health .

Impaired liver function can affect the liver's detoxification function, and can also cause abnormal bilirubin secretion, which can easily cause red palms.

To maintain the liver, one must keep the weight within the normal range , avoid obesity, eat a light diet and avoid greasy food. In addition, people who drink for a long time should stop drinking in time.

3. Fingers become stiff

If the originally flexible fingers suddenly become very stiff and inflexible, even bending movements are very difficult, so pay attention to it. Finger stiffness is probably caused by poor blood circulation in the body. Check whether the cardiovascular system is blocked, and be alert to the occurrence of stroke . If this happens frequently, you must go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

4. Thenar is inelastic

The thenar is the place where the base of the thumb of the palm is relatively full. This position should normally be very flexible.

If you find that the thenar loses its elasticity, the muscles will rebound very slowly when you release your hand after pressing, which means that the blood circulation function is decreased . You need to be alert for heart disease .

When this happens, you can usually eat more red foods , such as cherries, tomatoes, etc. These foods are very good for heart.

5. Abnormal nail color

The color of the nails is normally fleshy pink. If the nails are whitish , it is likely to be too cold in the body , usually pay attention to keep warm, drink some soup and other food to get rid of cold. If the nail color is yellow , it may be a problem with gastrointestinal function , or heavy phlegm and dampness . In this case, you should adjust your diet and avoid spicy, greasy, and irritating foods to improve related symptoms.

Normal hands should be rosy and full. If the palms are yellow or red, or the color of the nails is abnormal, or the fingers are stiff or the thenar loses elasticity, it is a sign of health problems.

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