Bitcoin: A Poem

11 Sept 2023

Here is a bad poem about bitcoin:

In the realm of code and digital might,
Bitcoin emerged, a beacon of light.
A decentralized dream, a digital gold,
Invented by a mystery, a tale untold.

A ledger of trust, transparent and true,
No banks, no borders, just me and you.
Mining the blocks, a race to find,
Rewards in coins of a limited kind.

Cryptographic keys, secure and strong,
Protecting wallets all day long.
Yet, volatile swings in price and trade,
A rollercoaster, a wild charade.

Satoshi's vision, a revolution begun,
Changing the way transactions are done.
But questions remain, uncertainties loom,
In this world of Bitcoin, a digital bloom.

A lesson in freedom, finance's new dawn,
In the land of blockchain, a paradigm drawn.
Bitcoin, a story, still being penned,
In this digital age, where it may ascend.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this.

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Good poem honoring Bitcoin
Fantastic, great
"Not your keys, Not your coins" showed be part of this poem
"Bitcoin: A Poem" beautifully captures the essence of the cryptocurrency revolution in verse. It's fascinating how poetry can distill complex concepts into simple, evocative words. Much like Bitcoin itself, this poem is a testament to human creativity and innovation. It reminds us that even in the world of finance and technology, artistry and imagination can find a place. Kudos to the poet for this creative take on the crypto world!
A Bitcoin poem is what every one needs now as the asset keep dipping
I need a line about the every 10 mins bitcoin creation
"A rollercoaster, a wild charade" perfect way to define the Bitcoin price volatility
Very good !!
Great poem