Pros and Cons of Self Isolation

8 Dec 2022

What is Self-isolation?

Self-isolation entails remaining indoors and avoiding all interaction with others. This includes the individuals with whom you live. It is also known as self-quarantine.

Pros of self-isolation

  • Being by ourselves allows our brains to recharge: Our minds require equilibrium. While social contacts are essential for certain aspects of brain function, time alone is necessary for our brains to unwind and rejuvenate. Being alone without distractions allows you to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. It's an opportunity to refresh both your mind and body.

  • Being alone boosts productivity: "When you remove as many distractions and disruptions as possible from your day," you will be able to concentrate better, allowing you to complete more work in less time. Small interruptions from coworkers or family members can throw us off track and make it tough to return to a project. Even the ping of a text message or email notice can disrupt our focus and diminish productivity.

Cons of self-isolation

  • Being alone exposes us to our inner critics: Being alone with our thoughts is not always beneficial. Isolation might provide the ideal environment for negative, self-critical thinking. We all have an inner critic, a terrible coach who lives inside our thoughts and looks for ways to condemn us. When we are alone with our thoughts, these "critical inner voices" tend to grow. When we are not just alone, but also lonely, our "critical inner voices" tend to be at their worst. The inner critic tells us that something is wrong with us and that we don't belong with other people at these times. We are, in this way, our own worst adversary.

  • Being Alone or Lonely Can Cause Depression: Loneliness and time spent alone might lead to depression. Indeed, research has revealed that a lonely brain is physically and biochemically distinct. When someone is lonely, their neurological responses to good sights and events are inhibited, resulting in a negative perception of the world. When we are lonely, we are more likely to believe that things are hopeless. This makes it more difficult to muster the courage and energy to seek happiness and change.


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I hope in this case isolation is different from loneliness, I just dont buy the whole idea tho . It has more cons than pros. My kind of person will easily slide into depression.
I dont advise always being alone. I feel it has more bad side effect compared to good effects. One could easily get depressed from always being alone.
Being alone and free of distractions enables you to clear your thoughts, focus, and think more clearly. It's a chance to revitalize both your mind and body.
I am a really shy person and enjoy being alone, it helps me become more productive. I stay out of trouble too and also avoid unnecessary conversations.