Leadership Traits

18 Oct 2022

My thoughts on what makes a good leader is largely based on experience working for a range of inspirational leaders. This post provides a list of general leadership traits and additional traits of inspirational data leaders.

 As I look back 20 years, we are seeing and will continue to see the importance of data and analytics in driving evidence-based decisions, and it is becoming an essential skill that all people should possess whatever career they choose to pursue.

As you develop your career it is critically important that you have great people around you that support you on your journey and provides an insight in what to look for in a leader. 

What are the essential qualities of a data leader?

I have been very fortunate to work with, and for, a number of inspirational leaders and there are some common traits and characteristics in these leaders that I would like to share with you all.
Key traits include:

respect and having confidence in your ability

empowering you to make decisions
encouraging curiosity and innovation and a willingness to explore supporting, developing and investing in their team
advocating and sharing in your successes and
challenging you to develop yourself.

If you are interested in a career in Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence I think a data leader should also:
Additionally, a data leader should also:

display an excellent understanding of the business and desired outcomes
have strong skills and knowledge of data and analytics technology
have passion for developing, building    and empowering data and analytics teams to transform the way we work
be a visionary that links the technology, people and processes        with business outcomes.

A data leader will push you out of your comfort zone, support and encourage curiosity and provide opportunities to enhance your skills in the emerging technologies that support and drive innovation.

Please share any additional leadership traits that you feel are also important. 

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Great tips!! Some of these apply to every profession, particularly your first one about leaders having respect and confidence in your ability. I'd also add that leaders should allow you to make mistakes so you can learn as an individual.