Free Kubernetes Resources in 2022!!

23 Jul 2022

Kubernetes is the most followed open-source platform to orchestrate containers. Research proves IT groups are considering Kubernetes as a brand new platform for building their microservice applications today.

Are you new to containers? Looking for the best material to get started?

I've curated the list of resources which I find it useful especially when working with containers, and designing cloud native microservice architectures.

📚 Free e-Books

1. The Container Security Book by Liz Rice -
2. O’Reilly: Kubernetes patterns for designing cloud-native apps —

🧑‍💻 Github Repos

1. Automated Vagrant Kubernetes Cluster Setup -
2. Kubetools — A Curated List of Kubernetes Tools-
3. System Design Primer:

Feel free to add more details, if you have come across of any other resources. 

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