Extended family over everything

8 Dec 2022

My extended family is the largest it can possibly be.
There are many of aunts, uncles, and cousins, so if you have some popcorn, please sit up straight.
I'm ready to tell the tale of my lovely extended family.

So here's my oldest aunt, who at first glance could seem nice, but alas! She is a witch who poses as a kind, elderly woman.
She is most passionate about scheming and planning disaster.
The deadliest of them all in my loving extended family

She believes her sister is the most beautiful, therefore it hurts me to dispel that belief when, in reality, she is visibly pig-ugly.
She gets by on circulating false stories and living a happy life.
The most conceited member of my extended, loving family

Her Canadian sister enjoys telling her that life is heavenly.
always boasting about how well they are all doing!
If I'm being completely honest, everyone is vying to be the wealthiest.
The member of my extended, loving family who exaggerates the most is

Naturally, I didn't include the youngest because the best is revealed last.
I'm not saying she's short, but if height can talk for itself, it would shout her name out loud! Please don't misunderstand me.
She may be sly and selfish, but she would gladly steal your underwear.

When she looks at you so pitifully, it makes sense that you would give her even that. She is constantly complaining about how unfairly life has treated her.
Just give her a 50 and she'll love you wildly, sincerely, and truly.
who within my large, dear family I most want to defeat!

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We need to be look at our families earlier than other's
A family that includes aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other relatives that live close by or in the same home as the parents and their children is referred to as an extended family.
My grandfather had 3 wives and in summary, the family tree is really healthy and fruit bearing 🤣
I don't really hate my family members. Just some people like my distant cousins. Very annoying sets of people
Orthodox 🔶
I was literally rolling on the floor, because the description of these aunties is hilarious 😆.
I have an extended family too. I hate of my family members 🤣