Humid weather

2 Jun 2022

Why do we need to know about humidity and why is it important?
Humidity has an important influence on our atmosphere, affecting water vapour and rainfall. First, let us talk about the effects it has on human and animal health.
Human health 
Humidity can affect human health because it affects our thermal comfort - in other words, whether we feel too hot or too cold. When the weather is warm and humidity is high, the body finds it difficult to keep cool, because it's harder to remove heat via evaporation of sweat into the air..
This can lead to dangerous levels of overheating. Severe illness or even death can result from heat stress, and it can trigger other problems with breathing, heart attacks or strokes. This can be a particular problem at sporting events held during the summer months, and particular care has to be taken to ensure athletes and spectators are well hydrated and rested as often as possible.
After an extended period of high humidity, the air develops a heavy feel. When it rains, humidity decreases and the air feels 'lighter'. This has been shown to lead to widespread feelings of elation. There is some research that suggests that this change in humidity, mostly in parts of the Tropics (where it is humid throughout the year) may contribute to an improvement in physical and mental health.

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