What will Be

24 Mar 2023

Some people believe that the future is predestined, fated, carefully calculated, and arranged to happen in a certain sequence by some all-knowing, all-powerful universal celestial. And with this belief comes also the notion that man has no say in his future, in his destiny, that what will be will be, no matter how we try to change the outcome.

Then some believe that they are what they want to be, that they are who they say they are. That they have a stake in their future, granting them a seat at the decision-making table, where they influence the future of their lives decisively. That they are architects of their lives.

Whatever it is you believe, you should never succumb to the unwanted, to the failure, to the struggle styling itself as destiny. You should fight and not leave the reins of your life to ensure factors such as fate.

Yet, you should know that there are things that are completely out of your control, things that you cannot touch even with all the power in the world, things that seem preordained, destined. But what you can do is will that change you want into existence, imagine it into happening, cause no work of your hand can influence such a phenomenon.

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Laura S. Wegner
@Yhudeeobot beautifully written!