The Writing Process

21 Feb 2023

As an art, writing it is one of the inventions that has proven to be very useful especially the area of communication and preservation of facts and information from generation to generation. It origin could be traced to ancient Egypt and the development of hieroglyphics and papyrus scroll. This art has evolved overtime to what we now have today with different languages trying to decipher a medium of representing their dialogue in written form.

As an art, it requires great skill to write eye-catching piece that holds readers glued to their positions until they exhaust what the writer has put forward in the paper. It is sometimes very tedious to start writing. This tediousness could be reduced using the following guidelines:

Brain storming:
This is the first and one of the most important steps to write a wonderful piece. A writer should brain storm and pick a suitable topic that relates to the latest events that are unfolding in the society. Once the topic is choose, he or she should survey the length and breadth of the topic before writing about it.

Putting down the outline:
Outlining helps a writer focus on the topic he is writing about. With these outlines, a writer will know the subtopics that should come first and those that should be written later.

This step involves outline development by writing all that comes to mind without pausing to correct errors that may arise in spelling or punctuation.

Scanning and skimming:
In scanning, the writer reads through his work quickly to correct errors on spellings. While in skimming, he reads his work slowly attentively to correct errors on punctuation and to also check if he has written all his points in a way and manner he intended.

Proof Reading:
This is the penultimate step which involves reading the written text to correct any errors that was not corrected during scanning and skimming.

With these steps in mind, a writer can write wonderful and amazing piece for readers to read, digest and admire.

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