10 Feb 2023

A poem for you all to remember. I started this journey like one who could not imagine but truly love began to open My eyes.
My imagination began to widen and My description through words that rhymes fluttered out from My heart.

Twist of Fate.

I came to this pathway of love,

but found it to be hard as a rock.

Till I die for my little dove

or set sail like a merry duck.

I hauled for it to be so divine,

but I understand I cannot withstand.

Till I fall off the vine

or from the tree I will take a stand.

See his nature opens My eyes,

to the truth I cannot deny.

I might chill with a little ice

but I doubt the pains so carny.

Maybe now or tomorrow,

I will hope for his love forever,

for it will touch my marrow

or leave me a fever.

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