A poem on bitcoin pizza day

22 May 2023

In crypto's early days, a tale was born,

Of a man and his hunger, feeling forlorn.
He dreamed of a pizza, cheesy and hot,
But all he had was Bitcoin, worth quite a lot.

So he searched far and wide, on the web he did roam,
In hopes of finding a pizzeria to call home.
He found one willing to take his digital gold,
And ordered two pies, a story to unfold.

With excitement and joy, he waited with glee,
For his Bitcoin pizza, soon to be free.
But oh, the regret when he looked back in time,
For those two pizzas cost a fortune, sublime.

10,000 Bitcoins he spent on that meal,
A decision he made with no sense of zeal.
For today, those coins are worth a fortune untold,
A legendary tale of pizza gone bold.

So let this be a lesson, a warning to all,
When hunger strikes, don't let your judgement fall.
For a Bitcoin pizza may sound like a dream,

But the price you pay may make you want to scream!

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