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25 May 2023
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For this one I just wanted to take a minute and give appreciation to the last remaining Dive In Theaters we have here in the U.S.
As of today, there are only  300 open and operational! A huge decline from the once 4,000 drive ins that existed in the 1950s. So today we're going to take a look at four of them ! 


The first location up on our 'Little Slice of History' Tour- Carthage, Missouri

The Route 66 Drive In Theater

First built in 1949 and opening day on September 22nd, and still running as beautifully as it did it's very first night. The theater was entertaining the masses ,both local and out of towners for four years before the first TV station was built in Jasper County, Missouri. Don't forget while you're visiting this Drive in you can be sure to find drinks and snacks at the original Snack Shack!

Next on our Drive In tour -

Shankweilers, in PA

When first built on April 15th 1934, this drive in had another alias. It was originally called the Shankweilers Park In Theater! This was Pennsylvanias' first ever drive in theater for the state and the second drive in theater in the United States. Be sure stop in and around the town while you're visiting. (Don't forget those Dollar General purse snacks 😉 )
Next up on our right you'll notice our third stop is the wonderful state of New Jersey

The Camden Drive-in theater 


First established on June 6th 1933, the Camden Drive-in was the first ever motion picture drive in theater in the United States. When this drive in first opened it was only a charge of 25¢ per car and 25¢ per person. This amazing piece of history is still open and operating as it did all those years ago! (One of our grandparents or great grandparents would have been here for a date )

Now for our last stop on the tour!
Ohio, southwest of Strasburg

The Lynn Auto Theater

Opening day in 1937, this wonderful drive-in was and is still the place to be for entertainment and fresh air ! The Lynn Auto Theater is the oldest operating drive-in, in Ohio. This drive-in is also the second oldest operating drive-in in the world! Make sure when you drive though Ohio that you take that time out of your trip to see this historic site. Take that one moment to watch a movie in your car and feel like your grandparents and great grandparents did on the first night they saw a movie on a big screen in the outdoors.
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