Common Mistakes in Share Market (Part 10)

30 Jun 2022

Sooo hey beautiful people out there , i hope you all are doing well so this is the 10th part and also the last one after that we will be discussing something else. I hope you all went through all the previous 9 parts . If you havent went through make sure you check them out as well. 

Sooo lets start with todays blog. 

Diversifying portfolio - Diersifying portfolio means investing your money in different sectors or different instruments. Which helps you reduce your over all risk. Thisis the most important part in investing. 

You can diversify your portfolio by investing some part of your portfolio to large cap companies... Someamount to mid cap companies... Some to small cap companies. Whereas instead of shares you can invest in mutual funds, gold, securities, silver, dollars , crudeoil etc. 

Diversification will help you to gain a stable normal return annually. Suppose the share market falls but since you havent invested all your money in share market sooo you can enjoy the profits from gold , Silver , crude oil etc. 

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Diversification will minimise risk but some risk will always remain.
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