Designed to soar

2 Mar 2023

I recall the day we first met.
too young to understand the risk.
I had no idea how nasty you were or how easily you could incite me to rage.

The light you gave me first helped me feel better and numbed the anguish, but as time went on, it faded and brought darkness into my veins.

As usual, your trap worked.
It's not only me who stumbles.
There are no longer any friends to call; they have all passed away.

pushed me to my very lowest point and left me feeling like there was no hope of releasing my dependent on you.

Every day when I woke up, all I could think about was you. I was yearning for your love and even more so for your death.

I eventually realized you were bad.
I saw you take my soul.
You would not let me leave despite my repeated attempts to do so.

I tried to yell and shout, but eventually gave up.
Everyone had made an effort to warn me, but it was already too late.

Relatives and friends were unable to comprehend and unable to hear my pleading silence.
They didn't want to see my sickening reaction to you.

You incarcerated me.
You forced me to lie to the people I loved, make me shiver at night, and live in constant fear.

My scar count increased after being left shattered, wounded, and assaulted.
Physically and mentally, as the years lost grew longer.

Went about my business like a zombie.
I no longer saw any kind of future for myself in this world.

When everyone turned away, you snuffed out all hope.
Escape from this gloomy hole is difficult, and it is impossible to resist against your attacks.

I had no knowledge of God or the church.
My ultimate power is YOU.
No way to experience true love.
Now I resembled a decayed, dead flower.

Then it occurred one day.
I made the decision to develop my wings right there and then, which is the most magnificent hope one moment can provide.

You won't steal from me anymore.
as if you had been stealing all this time.
Never attempt to end my life.
I won't be crying these tears anymore.

I will manage the discomfort.
I'll swallow my arrogance whole.
I'll deal with the wreckage of my existence.
I'm ready for this bumpy voyage.

I'd be happy to die if it meant never seeing you again because without you, I wouldn't be able to fly, and without you, I'd only be able to survive.

I'll laugh, smile, and soar as I regain my ability to breathe.
I'm going to return to a moment before you knocked on my door.

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