My Crush

9 Nov 2022

I have never actually fallen for someone
Like the way I have for you
It gets scary sometimes
Most times I don't even know what to
It's something new to me

If there is one thing I always wish and yearn for
Is that we end up together someday
I don't know how this sounds tho

I hope you know that I don't take your feelings for granted
You're one of the few people I take very seriously in this life

I know me; I don't have a sense
But I can't bear the thought of losing you
Because finding another girl that will be like you
I don't know how many years that will take
5, 6 even 7, or forever probably

I thought about everything last night
I couldn't sleep
Getting too attached to someone
It's always scary for me

But we will figure that out right

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