Introduction Post - Hello World

29 Jun 2022

Hi , my Name is Akanimo Rex.  I'm Nigerian and I love Blockchain technology and it's different utilities. I have always been fascinated by the way Blockchain worked since when I was introduced to it way back in 2020. I first started off in  cryptocurrencies investment (Thank God I came in after the crash of 2018 not before😅), then I started trying to pave my way for myself in the space through getting more knowledge.
Over the years I've been glad to work hand-in-hand with some good projects, in Defi, NFTs , P2E and other places to gain more experience and I am glad to finally be here .

I have been a fan of writing as it has been one of my skills I have developed over the months from working with various projects. I love that I could use this medium to document some of my thought processes and alpha along the line.

I hope to offer value to y'all on this space through this blogging medium and  share some things  I learned and top information on the Solana Blockchain.
 See you soon.

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Hello world brings back so much memories of my early programming days
I just got in too. How do i begin please?
I look forward to learning more about your story
As a introductory pist post this is great
Alex Rose
Welcome to BULB! It’s great to have you here 🎉🎉
Your writing is very well
As an introduction post, this is a great article
Great article as a first. Definitely can implement new things