Shiseido’s Free Generative NFTs at Art Basel Miami

7 Dec 2023

Shiseido, the Japanese beauty brand, is igniting attention at Art Basel Miami through its Future Reflections initiative, a collaboration with Art Blocks Engine for an exclusive generative digital art project.

Spotlight on Generative Art
In a remarkable venture into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Shiseido unveils 1,872 unique works, crafted by renowned digital artists Hannah Yan, Jen Stark, Kaoru Tanaka, and Robert Hodgin. These creations draw inspiration from Shiseido’s Future Solutions LX collection, notably its enmei herb and ahoy pearl shell extract, forming the algorithmic foundation of these artistic masterpieces.

Paying homage to Shiseido’s establishment year, 1872, this initiative begins December 7, offering these NFTs at no cost on The objective is to democratize generative art, showcasing the brand’s commitment to artistry and scientific innovation.

Future Reflections: Collection and Artistry Insights
Jen Stark, recognized for her optical illusion artistry, emerges as a pioneering figure in this domain. Notably, 20 randomly chosen tokens will incorporate products from the Future Solution LX collection, adding a unique touch to the project.
The Future Reflections collection leverages the Art Blocks Engine, a subsidiary of Art Blocks Web3 platform, empowering brands, artists, and organizations to create their generative art endeavors.

Shiseido’s Prior NFT Endeavors
This venture isn’t Shiseido’s initial foray into NFTs. Previously, NARS Cosmetics, a Shiseido brand, collaborated with SuperRare, auctioning NFTs inspired by NARS’s renowned shade, Orgasm, involving five digital artists.

Art Blocks Founder and CEO Erick Calderon recognizes this initiative as a groundbreaking move in brand adoption of generative art. “It’s an exciting milestone in the way brands embrace generative art,” he stated.

Both the NARS and Future Reflections projects receive support from ULO, a creative innovation agency guided by Dani Van de Sande and Katy Koob.

Scheduled for launch on December 7, coinciding with Miami Art Week’s 21st edition, this initiative promises to shine amid one of the world’s largest art gatherings, Miami Art Week.

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