Final part of a relationship

8 Feb 2023

More people are rolling and crawling in love, constantly learning how to love people, and constantly learning how to get along with those they love.

So this has also led to a lot of people's feelings will have a beginning and an end. The beginning is naturally sweet and naturally happy, and the end is often painful and often uncomfortable.

Many people can bear the sweetness of the beginning of love, but it is difficult to face the grief at the end of love calmly. Even when a relationship ends, many people find it difficult to let go of past memories and come out of them. A relationship is truly over when you start with these things.

You are not ready to think about each other anymore

The real end of a relationship is not that you no longer think about him deliberately, nor that you can get away from him and live a good life, but when you think of him, your heart is no longer unwilling.

In fact, there are many people in this world who are unable to love, and there are many people who are constantly hurt in their relationships, but love is a part of our own lives after all. If we can't get out of the grief caused by love, it is like wasting our own life.

So when a relationship ends, what we have to do is not to entangle but to learn to look down on it, and many things should follow fate. Since there is no way for the two of you to get together, it proves that you have no fate, and there is no need to be unwilling.

The real end of a relationship should be that you may occasionally think of him, but when you think of him, there is no longer any unwillingness in your heart, but you feel a sense of comfort in thinking that this is how you should be.

Life no longer has the habit that once formed with each other

In many cases in life, it is not love that supports you to go on. More often, it is the habits you have lived together with each other that support you to go on.

This is why many couples are in great pain after being separated, and they don't even adapt to their own lives, and they don't know how to live alone.

In fact, we people have to learn to get along with ourselves after all. If a relationship ends and we are always lingering in the sweetness of the past, it will only make our current situation more difficult.

After all, no one will always be with you, you have to get used to being alone. Sometimes you learn to enjoy loneliness, learn to be alone with yourself, and then you can feel the mystery of life.

So when you are separated from a person, the real end of you is not that you are no longer in contact, but that you have no longer have the habits you once formed with the other person in your life.

Love comes suddenly, but sometimes it leaves very suddenly. Many times we break up when we don’t expect it. .

But the breakup of two people does not mean that the two people are really over from this moment. After two people break up, it can mean that the relationship between the two people is really over, and the real relationship will never be involved.

Breaking up does not mean the end of two people, the real end of two people is that when you meet again, the other party has become a stranger.

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