Gambling - Part 3

22 Aug 2022

This is a thriller story continue from Part 2…

In a summer day of 1968, Tweety’s father Pluto was sitting on a rocking chair facing the window in his dark room, the light cast from the window on his grey white hair made it glow in the dark. 

Tweety entered the room and asked ‘Daddy, are you going to a big gambling match today?’  

Pluto said in an emotionless tone without turning around to face his daughter. ‘Yes my dear, I am focusing my mind for the winning power, I am facing one of my toughest opponents in Macau for years, he has been the King of Macau’s gambling world nicknamed “Mr Bowtie T” ’. Tweety knows that Mr Bowtie T is infamous for his ability to track the cards in a shuffle with his incredible eyesight and memories. He was unbeatable in the poker games due to his mystic abilities to track the whereabouts of the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens in a deck of cards during shuffling.      

Tweety tried to soothe Pluto in her soft voice ‘Daddy, you have been on a winning streak for years. Nobody in Macau knows your secrets, but are you well prepared this time?’

Pluto turn around and looked at his daughter, he has a baby face, despite of having completely grey white hair there are no signs of aging wrinkles on his face, beside a little redness on his cheek. He said ‘For people like us, we have to be always well prepared for the next minute battle.’

His mystic power resonated from his peculiar outlook across the room. That’s how these people rule the underworld gangland in Macau. No one knows what’s under Pluto’s fingers. They only know Pluto never lost a gambling match in the past. They don’t know what tricks he used but he has accumulated enormous wealth from winning gambling matches repeatedly in private clubs and private gatherings.

The butler of the family entered the room and said quietly to Pluto ‘Sir, Mr Bowtie T has arrived’. Pluto motioned the butler with his right hand.

There is Mr Bowtie T entering the mansion’s high-ceiling-living-room, he dressed in a black suit with white shirt, a blue bowtie and white gloves. He is in his 40s, the man is an extremely confident person, walking with a smile with his head slightly tilted to his left side as he was approaching Pluto.    

Pluto greeted Mr Bowtie T with a friendly smile and said ‘You have brought brightness to my home’ Mr Bowtie T put out his palms and look around the room then said ’This home will be mine after today’. Pluto appeared not affected by his rudeness but said ‘My honour to gamble with you today’. He led Mr Bowtie T to a huge room through a side door.

Mr Bowtie T said down on a large round table with green cloth and put a briefcase on top of it. He opened the briefcase and flash all the 100 US dollar notes inside. He said with a grin ‘Here is my 1 million dollars wager for the match’

Pluto smiled and motioned Tweety to put out his briefcase on the table with full of 100 US dollars notes. Mr Bowtie T said ‘Let’s not waste time, I want to have just one game to decide who would take these two briefcases home’.

Pluto sat down on the opposite side of the table slowly and said with a peculiar grin ‘Ok let’s make it even simpler, each of us will take one card from the deck of 52 cards and who has the larger card will win’

According to Macau gambling rules. 2 of Diamonds is the smallest card the ranking goes up to 2 of Hearts, 2 of Clubs and 2 of Spades so on with Ace of Spades as the largest card.

The winning pleasure surged inside Mr Bowtie T’s head from his confidence of tracking the Ace of Spades, he nodded to Pluto in agreement and said ‘Deal’ as both shook hands by extending their arms across the table.

Tweety opened a deck of cards and laid down all 52 cards face up to reveal it is a full deck with all suits, then she turned them face down and started to mix the cards with her two palms smoothly and professionally. Mr Bowtie T has spotted the Ace of Spades’ random movement under Tweety’s palms and located it when Tweety stopped.

Pluto motioned Mr Bowtie T and said ‘You are my guest you can pick first.’ Mr Bowtie T couldn’t agree more with the advantage. He picked up a card from the scatter pile, at this moment, he saw Pluto gazed at him intensively, the tense in Pluto’s eyes send chills to his bones. 

Then, Mr Bowtie T take a peek at the card, he was excited to see it was an Ace of Spades, the card with the highest ranking, he must be the winner regardless what Pluto picked.

Pluto took his turn and take a peek at the card and still intensively gazed at Mr Bowtie’s eyes, then said quietly ‘Do you want to raise the bet size on top of the 2 million dollars on the table?’ ‘I like your eyes, let’s bet our eyes as well’.

Mr Bowtie T was shocked and perplexed by Pluto’s unexpected request.

Then, he was reassured by the fact that he cannot lose the game with the one and only Ace of Spades on his hand. He looked at Pluto’s peculiar eyesight, after a minute of thought he agreed and shook hand with Pluto for the extra bet on their eyes.

Although Pluto remained calm after the hand shake but he continues to gaze at Mr Bowtie T’s eyes, the tension of the atmosphere in the room was as tight as the vibrating guitar strings. Time appeared has stopped for both men to reveal the cards for the 2 million dollars and the extra deadly wager; their eyes.

Tweety appeared very nervous and worried and she was thinking that his father would be a blind man if he cannot pull this one successfully…..

Then, Pluto slowly open to reveal his card……. it was miraculously the Ace of Spades.

Mr Bowtie T almost fell off his chair and he looked at his card immediately and he was shocked to find out it was the Ace of Clubs, smaller than Pluto’s Ace of Spades. He felt a gust of terror flushed his chest with the thought that he will be a blind man.

Pluto laughed out loud with a gigantic laughter… be continued upon receiving a few comments.

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south coast surfer
Oh yes, what will happen in the next chapter… looking forward to this ♠️
Johnson Chau
Love the diverse set of content from you! I read tech blogs basically everyday so this is a breath of fresh air for me - thank you for sharing!