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7 Aug 2022

By drinking these 2 sour things with hot water, the fat will melt:

The faster the weight increases, the more difficult it is to reduce it. Many times the weight is not reduced even after all the exercises and dieting. If you are facing such a problem, then this news is very useful for you.
Losing weight is also a difficult task to remove the fat jammed on the stomach. Let us tell you that most of the fat is on the stomach and the fat accumulation also starts from here. Not only this, even if the weight is reduced, many times the stomach does not reduce. In such a situation, we should include things that increase the metabolic rate in our diet.
To reduce weight and belly fat, you should take things full of vitamin C, as well as try to consume more hot and lukewarm water. So let's know what are the two sour things and after getting what in them, the weight starts decreasing rapidly.
Lemon and Amla are the powerhouses of Vitamin C and if you make a habit of drinking them in lukewarm water, then they will work to cut your fat. On the other hand, if some other herbs or spices are added to it, then it will be converted into a miracle weight loss drink. So let's know how to drink and make it.
Take the juice of half a lemon and one gooseberry and one inch of ginger. Now heat water and boil one spoon cumin, one spoon fennel, one spoon coriander. After boiling for five minutes, add lemon amla juice according to taste and add a spoonful of honey. Drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach. If you have acidity or gas problem, then drink it after about 3 hours after eating anything. Do not take it more than twice in a day.

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Great tips for anyone interested in losing some weight
south coast surfer
This is very interesting - I’d like to see some stats on whether Is works in every case. If so, then if could be revolutionary.
Many people work hard to lose weight, yet they are not able to reduce their weight. There are some special things that people ignore to lose weight and this causes weight gain.
Absolute amazing ideas but I want to say something for this blogs. Please where there are more important points or notes , please make it either pointwise or make points bold. These attracts the reader concetration on those things. Apart from it, the ways of explaining and deleivering things are just wow. Loved your ideas and thoughts on this. There are many others ways too. I hope you will cover those points in next blogs. Keep blooging on Bulb.
Every person suffering from obesity does not know what to do for weight loss. But losing weight is not that easy, as fast as people want to do it. For this, people try different types of exercises, weight loss diets and many types of weight loss recipes. But have you ever wondered why we need to lose weight? One has to lose weight when the amount of fat in the body increases.
Millions of people are troubled by belly fat and rapidly increasing weight. On the contrary, direct eating and wrong lifestyle are the main reasons for weight gain. According to health experts, obesity invites many diseases. Eating high calorie food leads to rapid weight gain. In such a situation, you have to focus on diet to control the increasing weight.