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27 Jan 2023

If you want to store mushrooms for a long time, then follow these easy tips

Kitchen Tips: Consumption of mushroom is considered very beneficial for health. It is a storehouse of nutrients.
You can include it in food in many ways. Along with controlling blood pressure, it also helps in reducing obesity.
The antibiotic properties present in mushrooms help in keeping the immune system strong. The enzymes present in it are also very beneficial for heart health.

You can also add mushrooms to soups, pasta, etc., but mushrooms can be difficult to store. When you buy mushrooms, they look very fresh, but after a day or two, they start to look black.

If you want to keep mushrooms fresh for a long time, you can try these tips shared by experts.
Chef Pankaj Bhadoria has shared a post on Instagram, in which he has given tips to keep mushrooms fresh.

In this reel, Pankaj Bhadauria says, Mushrooms contain a lot of water, due to which their shelf life is less.
To keep it fresh, first take an air tight container, line it with some tissue paper, then place the mushrooms. Now put tissue paper over the mushroom and close the container tightly.

According to experts, you can increase the shelf life of mushrooms in this way.

Picture Courtesy: Freepik

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