Fields of Gold

20 Apr 2023

Through fields of gold and waving wheat,

The summer breeze does softly meet,

My face, my skin, my very soul,

As nature sings a sweet cajole.

The sun beats down upon the earth,

A warming, bright and radiant hearth,

And all around, the world awakes,

With birdsong, rustling leaves and lakes.

I walk amongst the tall, green stems,

And feel at once at peace, again,

For in this world of sun and sky,

I find a place where I can fly.

The colors of the world abound,

In every shape and every sound,

And as I walk, I'm free to be,

To simply see, and simply breathe.

For though the world can be unkind,

And filled with chaos and with grind,

There's beauty in the world we share,

If we take time to stop and stare.

So let us wander, free and true,

And let the world unfold to you,

For in this moment, we can see,

The beauty that surrounds us, free.

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