After accepting $500 when she divorced, her man went on to be world’s 4th richest person

12 Mar 2024


A woman who took just $500 to give up any claim on her ex-husband's company in her divorce went on to watch him become a self-made billionaire and the fourth richest man on the planet.

While money is far from everything, this one's got to sting just a little. Ex-wife of billionaire Larry Ellison made the decision to release any claim on her husband's database company for just $500 during divorce proceedings.

However, at the time, ex-wife Nancy Wheeler was unaware that the company would explode and become tech giant Oracle, which is now estimated to be worth over $300 million.

Growing up, Larry Ellison shared that his dream was to become a doctor, as he believed that to be the 'pinnacle of success' at the time, saying at a 2016 University of South California commencement ceremony: "Virtually everyone important in my life — my family, my teachers, my girlfriend — wanted me to be a doctor.As much as he tried his hand at the healthcare profession, he later dropped out of college admitting that his heart wasn't in it.

"At the time I thought I lacked discipline and that I was selfish," Ellison shared. "Maybe so.

"But whatever the underlying reasons, I was unable to make myself into the person that I thought I should be. So I decided to stop trying." After dropping out of college, Ellison split his time between being an environmentalist and beginning a new business in computer programming, a decision that he said was a 'self discovery journey', but admitted that his wife at the time 'wasn't happy' with his choice.

"I had found a cause. I had a couple of jobs that I loved and one that was fun and paid the bills. I was pretty happy with my life — but my wife was not," Ellison admitted.

According to Forbes Billionaires Index, Ellison is now the fourth richest man in the world, with a net worth of $107 billion following the success of Oracle, as well as previously being on the board of directors for Tesla.

He reportedly now owes an $173 million property in Florida, and at one point partially owned one of the biggest yachts in the world following his financial success

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