Lifespan of earth

10 Jan 2023

Our planet earth is about 3.4 Billion years old. Humans have walked on this planet dating back about as far as ~200,000 years approximately yet in this day of age, January 10th 2023 we are in a state such that the earths resources are depleting, climate change and global warming is growing and in general we talk about ways to stop us from destroying our planet! In the last 100 - 200 years we have somehow done more damage to our planet than in the last 199,800 years. It's crazy to think because of our current population, our technology and our daily practices we are starting to ruin our planet earth more and more each day. It's fascinating to look at from a large point of view.
Personally, I do believe mankind will have a massive breakthrough in technology or science to prevent this from happening, as we have aged, technology has become more and more superior and hopefully will start to slow down this clock on the life span of our lovely planet Earth.

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