Employment Tips Part-1

30 Aug 2022

Employment Tips:

How to prepare for any interview? Know these important things:

Whether you are giving interview for the first time or for 100th time or for entry level or senior level, there are certain things to be kept in mind
First of all, understand that in general non-government interview does not mean exam. Inter - between each other, see the view. Interview = seeing, knowing, understanding of two 'parties'... so don't go with this mindset that I have to 'perform'. Especially when you have just started giving interviews in life. Assume that you and the recruiter or hiring manager or selector want to know, understand, test each other, the needs and environment of the company, your abilities and your salary requirements. After examining all this in many ways, the selector or their panel together will decide whether you will work there or not.

Our ideal goal should be to reach a state capable of saying 'no'

To some extent it is true that the decision is more in the hands of the company and the selector, and less in your hands, but you should also know and understand that no one can forcefully hire you without your will. Even if they have the power to say 'yes', reaching a position capable of saying 'no' should be our ideal goal.

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Rajat Dhariwal
Be 1% better than your competitors. Being ahead of such a small margin in the digital world can not only get you a job or promotion but can reduce the risk of job loss. Do you have a source of income? If yes, then create more than one source of income, this will protect against sudden drop in income.
Great tips for the beginners. Good article
Amazing tips mate
Depends on the qualification of the person, but sometimes people do not get jobs easily despite having the qualifications. Even after trying hard, failure comes. In such a situation, it is important not to lose faith in yourself and review your efforts. See if you have tried in the wrong direction.